CEB & Staff

Chapter Executive Board

Chapter Commander
Kevin “Gator” Armstrong
Life Member #6380
Gator hails from the great state of Colorado and has been married to the lovely Mrs. Theresa for 23 years and together they have four children and six grandchildren. He retired from the U.S. Army in 2015 after 26 years as an Infantryman. Gator originally joined the CVMA in 2011 with GA 25-1 and then transferred to TX 23-2. In 2012 he was finally transferred to TN 18-2 where he and his wife plan to stay. He became a Life Member in 2015 and has held the chapters Secretary position in the past. Gator and Toybox are the proud proprietors of Gators Lounge where the beers are cold and the Red Heads flow.



Executive Officer
David “Fossil” Townsend
Life Member #3727
Fossil is 3rd Generation Army. He joined the Army in 1978 and Retired 2000. Fossil joined the CVMA on witness protection program due to stealing Girl Scout Cookies. Think them girls are still after him, so don’t tell. He loves puppy’s, flowers, walking hand in hand with his wife and signing show tunes. Favorite color is Jasmine. Favorite movie, anything with puppy’s singing show tunes.



Sergeant At Arms
Christopher “Shadow” Boiley
Full Member #8365
Shadow grew up in California and has been married to his wonderful wife Donna “Lady” for 26 years. They have two children and six grandchildren that keep their schedules full. He retired from the U.S. Army in 2009 after 22 years in aviation as a Chinook Crewmember and maintainer. Shadow joined the CVMA with Chapter 28-2 in Huntsville, AL in 2012. In 2015 he transferred to TN 18-2 and became a Life Member in 2016. He has held the position of Chapter Public Relations Officer in both chapters. Shadow holds an MBA in Project Management and also a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. He is still serving, out of uniform as a Department of Defense employee. In his spare time Shadows sidelines as a plus-sized hand model, and is a VIP member of the David Hasselhoff Fan club.


Charles “Luigi” Anderson
Full Member #15739
Charles “Luigi” Anderson was born and raised in Montclair, California. He joined the United States Navy in 1985 as a Hull Technician until his Honorable Discharge in October 1989. He remained in the Navy reserves and the Army National Guard until he returned to active Duty January 2000 and spent a total of 31 years serving in uniform. Luigi joined the CVMA in South Carolina as a member of 34-1 in January 2016. He and his family then moved and transferred to TN 18-2 in July that same year. Charles “Luigi” Anderson is married to Emma ”Delete” Anderson from Marlton, New Jersey. They have five children: Jeremy (27); Bryce (21); Justine (19); William (12); Victoria (9). Luigi is often seen eating shrooms and is referred to as that “Green Mario Guy”.


Erik “Mr. Hand” Lisk
Member #17208
“Aloha, my name is Mr. Hand” Mr. Hand was raised in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and has been married to his beautiful wife, Tina (Phantom) for 26 years. They have two daughters and two grandchildren with another on the way. Mr. Hand retired from the U.S. Army in 2007 after 22 years as an infantryman. Mr. Hand joined the CVMA in 2016 as a member of TN 18-2. Mr. Hand is currently an educator of the young Spicoli’s of today!


Chapter Staff

Public Relations Officer
Andrew “Grimm” Potter
Member #18813

Born and raised in Osage Beach Missouri, Grimm met his wife during their school days, known to their classmates as Beauty and the Geek, and now has 4 very energetic boys that constantly raise his blood pressure on a daily basis.  He served 10 years in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment in both Fort Lewis Washington, and Fort Campbell Kentucky as an Automated Logistics Specialist with over 8 deployments to both Afghanistan and Iraq.  He was medically discharged out of the Army in 2016 due to an injury sustained overseas.  He continues to support the 160th Special Ops as a civilian, still trying to figure out exactly what his job is, and currently works as the TN 18-2 Public Relations Officer.  He joined the CVMA in 2017.  If you ever see Grimm don’t ask him what he is mad about, the sour look on his face is just his natural look.


Chapter Quartermaster
Emma “Delete” Anderson
Member #15740